2023 Nominations

These awards are here to celebrate the brilliance and vibrancy of the Costa Blanca Food & Drink Scene, and reward the very best chefs and front of house staff the region has to offer.

In such a thriving period across the hospitality, it only seems fair to recognize and celebrate the real heroes of hospitality, given the long hours and sleepless nights, recognition is a fantastic boost to not only the establishment, but also to the team. From the micro start up, to the globally recognised, those who go above and beyond must be celebrated.

As the Costa Blanca has such rich pickings of hospitality venues & cuisine styles, we have set regional sections such as Orihuela Costa, Alicante, Benidorm, Torrevieja, Elche & More. With 30 categories of different cuisine styles, there is a chance for every establishment to gather votes from customers, followers, fans and more!

The 2023 Costa Blanca Food Awards Nominations

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